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The UNcooking Show is now on UnChainedTV

The UNCOOKING SHOW made its’ debut in 2005 as a TV pilot by Ron Gilmore of Gilmo Media with Chef Dorit, Tonya Kay and Laura Lynn.
It was picked up in late 2022 by UnchainedTV by Jane Velez-Mitchell and her team and is now a regular feature which streams on UnChainedTV.
UnChainedTV is available on all of your devices including Smart TVs, Roku, Fire Tv, Google, Apple TV, your browser, and smartphone. Search for us in your favorite app store.

Dorit ( pronounced Dor-eet) now has her own Channel on UnChainedTV as of November 2022 so be sure to follow us there. The name of the channel is Elegantly Raw Doreet.
She is a graduate  from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and is a Certified Living Foods Chef and the Creator & host of The Elegantly Raw Show which can be found on

Her weekday  podcasts can be accessed on her You Tube Channel  or on her FaceBook Page here:

Please join us by first downloading the UnChainedTV app on your TV set if you have Roku,
Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV or on any of your digital devices

This is where it will be launched. and housed for you to watch & enjoy.
Doreet had been given her own Elegantly Raw Doreet channel on UnchainedTV so all her featured content will be found there.

Please set this up on your TV set or your digital devices in order to watch The UNcooking show.
Thanks everyone and please spread the word as we create space for us and our fellow humans to evolve by changing their diets at whatever pace suits them. Just click on the image below.


Download Episode 3 of the UnCooking Show!

Watch the original UNcooking Show TV Pilot on YouTube

The UNcooking Show

13, November 2022

Dorit is the consummate professional. Her commitment to quality, shows through in everything she does. Her impeccable taste and unbroken string of hit performances virtually guarantees the success of The UnCooking Show. Don’t miss it.

Author: The 80/10/10 Diet, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Grain Damage, and many more

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