27, February 2021
Angela Gibbs
Producer/ Writer/ Director

When it comes to WHOLE body wellness, and by that I mean health of mind, body and soul, Doreet has a profound gift of healing. She taught me ways of eating and thinking about my body that guided me to manifesting the life I truly wanted for myself. We must lift the vibration of our bodies so that we resonate on the same vibration as our dreams. Doreet taught me that and I am forever grateful. And the bonus is that her recipes are Delicious! Thank you Doreet.

27, February 2021
Lisa Chamberlin
Art of Daily Living - Coach/public speaker

She’s a charismatic media host, with infectious joy, who can guide anybody into creating positive change. Dorit is highly skilled at using media to influence personal growth. She’s an unstoppable force and radiates wellness. Raw food, wellness, and life mastery are all made easy when she is your partner. She’s loyal, kind, and has such great depth. Dorit’s adept at making the world a better place.

28, February 2021
Serena Williams
Tennis Pro/Olympic Champion

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chef Dorit for a few years now. She is one of the most skilled and talented individuals at her craft. Not only is her food amazing, but she is also a pleasure to work with. A vegan athlete’s diet is not the norm and Chef Dorit has a great way of tailoring the meals to fit my needs. She has traveled the world with me always sourcing the best ingredients for a fabulous dish. I cannot recommend her enough!

13, November 2022
Doctor Douglas Graham

Dorit is the consummate professional. Her commitment to quality, shows through in everything she does. Her impeccable taste and unbroken string of hit performances virtually guarantees the success of The UnCooking Show. Don’t miss it.

Author: The 80/10/10 Diet, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Grain Damage, and many more

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