Raw Cane 10% Discount on the Elegantly Raw Opportunities

Valid month of May, 2021

ERO1 Raw for Two (Novice) Discount Price $31.50 +tax, regular price $35.00
Choose any 2 Consecutive Days each week to change to raw, healing & energizing meals the way Nature serves them up to us- in their pristine unadulterated form.
Doreet will immediately supply you with a suggested Menu and Ingredients List from which to choose your Meals. This opportunity is for those who do not have powerful, expensive blenders or juicing machines. No equipment needed, except perhaps a knife and a serving dish or tray or cutting board.

ERO2 Raw for Two (Accelerated) Discount Price $58.50 +tax, regular price $65.00
This is for those who have participated in several Raw For Two (Novice) opportunities and wish to move to the next level of their Health & Well-being by consuming more raw, plant-based meals along with fermented options. OR for those with the proper equipment who wish to dive right in for 2 consecutive days every week

You will need a high-powered blender & juicer for this.
This includes a suggested menu for 2 full days along with links to connect you to the most vibrant, Organic, Biodynamic or wildcrafted Sources that Dorit recommends.
Includes a pre-recorded video with Dorit offering tips & advice.

ERO3 Leaning into a Plant-Based Living Foods Diet. Discount Price $67.50 +tax, regular price $75.00
This is for those who wish to consume either:

1. One living foods meal a day every day OR
2. Those who wish to dive right in and include Plant-based living foods all day with the exception of their last meal which includes lightly steamed vegetables & grains or fully cooked plant- based soups.

This includes recipes provided by Dorit along with one pre-recorded guided 10-minute Meditation or Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise to be used before each meal.
You will also be sent a link to the Private Facebook Group Page where you will have access to a pre-recorded Video with Dorit offering encouragement & advice and one weekly LIVE ½ hour Q&A session with her.

You will need a juicer, a food processor, and a high-powered blender for this phase.

ERO4 Raw in the Afternoon. Discount Price $85.50 +tax, regular price $95.00
With this option, you eat whatever you wish for breakfast or Brunch and you eat RAW ONLY from Mid-day onwards.
You will receive recipes for a lunch meal, one Smoothie, and One large Green Juice. Includes a 10-minute guided Meditation to be used before each meal.

You are also invited to join Doreet’s monthly live Q&A on the Facebook Group Page.
During these online LIVE video Sessions on the exclusive FaceBook group, Doreet will answer questions, queries and make suggestions for those seeking to expand their dietary and other lifestyle choices.

ERO5 The Elegantly Raw Option (Phase 1) Discount Price $94.50 +tax (per month), regular price $105.00 (per month)
This is for those who are ready to try a full-on commitment to their health & well-being with a 100% Living Foods plant-based diet as the foundation for their daily lives. This includes

1. Four Zoom/Skype LIVE Group Monthly Sessions with Dorit for 1/2 hour each time, that covers
2. Adjusted meal plans and
3. Recommendations of Organic, plant-based Supplements to ensure you cover the full spectrum of our nutritional needs
4. An Elegantly Raw Membership that gives you access to our Private Facebook Group Page
5. Guided Meditation videos for before & after the meals OR
Video teaching deep breathing techniques for just before mealtime

ERO6 The Elegantly Raw Option as a Lifestyle Choice. Discount Price $157.50 +tax (per month), regular price $175.00 (per month)

This is for those who are fully committed and wish to embrace the full elegance of a passionate commitment to make all the necessary changes on a linguistic, mind-focused, and energy altering level.

You will learn how to eat, prepare & serve your meals mindfully while adopting a more elegant approach to eating for evolution and nourishment. Focus will be on eating for brain health (mental clarity) & liver health (emotional health & well-being).

This is a very holistic approach that includes meditation and movement videos as well as a video on Breathing techniques specifically created for those who have committed to embracing the Elegantly Raw Lifestyle.

This includes 4 Live Group Video Sessions per month with Dorit on Zoom for one hour each time that focuses on changing our inner talk/conversations regarding food and an Elegantly Raw Membership that gives you access to our Private Facebook Group Page.

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