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OPPORTUNITY SIX: The Elegantly Raw Option as a Lifestyle Choice (Phase 2)

This is for those who are fully committed and wish to embrace the full elegance of a passionate commitment to make all the necessary changes on a linguistic, mind-focused, and energy altering level.

You will learn how to eat, prepare & serve your meals mindfully while adopting a more elegant approach to eating for evolution and nourishment. Focus will be on eating for brain health (mental clarity) & liver health (emotional health & well-being).

This is a very holistic approach that includes meditation and movement videos as well as a video on Breathing techniques specifically created for those who have committed to embracing the Elegantly Raw Lifestyle.

This includes 4 Live Group Video Sessions per month  with Doreet on Zoom for one hour each time or 4 Half an  hour PRIVATE one-on-One  Video Sessions with Doreet  that focuses on changing our inner talk/conversations regarding food and an Elegantly Raw Membership that gives you access to our Private Facebook Group Page.

Pre-Requisite: Purchase of one of Dorit’s recipe books: Celebrating Our Raw Nature Books 1 & 2, a high-powered blender, and a juicer.

Price $1,997 (per month) plus tax
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