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OPPORTUNITY FIVE: The Elegantly Raw Option (Phase 1)

This is for those who are ready to try a full-on commitment to their health & well-being with a 100% Living Foods plant-based diet as the foundation for their daily lives. This includes

1. Four Zoom/Skype LIVE Group Monthly Sessions with Dorit for 1/2 hour each time, that covers
2. Adjusted meal plans and
3. Recommendations of Organic, plant-based Supplements to ensure you cover the full spectrum of our nutritional needs
4. An Elegantly Raw Membership that gives you access to our Private Facebook Group Page
5. Guided Meditation videos for before & after the meals OR
Video teaching deep breathing techniques for just before meal time

Pre-Requisite: Purchase of one of Dorit’s recipes books: Celebrating Our Raw Nature Books 1 & 2, a high-powered blender, food processor, and a juicer.

Price $897 (per month) plus tax
By clicking the buy button below, you are agreeing to all the terms in the Exercise Video and Liability Waivers.
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