Celbrating our Raw Nature – 1st Edition

Celebrating Our Raw Nature 1st EditionThe first edition of Celebrating Our Raw Nature is sold out, (as of December 2006).
From now on, we will only have a special, limited edition. Please be aware that the original first edition book is still being sold in some stores and raw restaurants until their supplies are exhausted when they will also be switching to the new, limited edition.
We thank you for all your orders and believe that you will benefit greatly from the new, special limited edition.

Price $39.95, plus S&H


Question: What is the difference between this special Limited Edition and the original copy of Celebrating OurRaw Nature- a Guide for Transitioning to a Plant-Based, Living Foods Diet?

This new, special limited edition has been updated and because of the expensive cover, easel, 3 ring dividers, and tabs which make for ease, longevity, and clarity for the user, they not going to be published anymore. It is just too expensive to publish and distribute a book of this calibre.

Some of the recipes are new, some have just one ingredient ( or more ) changed and some have the portion size of one or more ingredients changed which makes a big difference in the end product.

It is rapidly becoming a collector’s item and is one of a kind format, quality, and style.

“CELEBRATING OUR RAW NATURE” is a guide for transitioning to a plant-based, living foods diet. I wrote this book after working for many years with clients and students who did not have any desire to give up their Standard American Diet but were suffering from malaise, depression, mood swings, challenges overcoming excessive addictive patterns and for all the people who came to me, demanding “I want to lose weight”. Explaining to them that their attention ought to be on losing toxins rather than a number on the scale was not what they wanted to hear. After much frustration, I came up with recipes that they would absolutely love and worked on changing their relationship with food rather than their image of the “ideal weight” The results were so tremendous, that most of them have pushed, encouraged, and supported me in writing this book.

It is available here and at bookstores across the U.S. and several Whole Foods Markets, as well as Erewhon Natural Foods Market and The Beverly Hills Juice Club in Los Angeles and at Cilantro Live in San Diego County.

My thanks to you my clients in NYC, Toronto, and now Los Angeles who have allowed me to enter your lives on such a very deep level, and for the courage to follow what at times seemed like too difficult a path for you to travel. To you, your friends, and family, I dedicate this book and all the love and gray areas of my life that i have poured into writing, photographing, and publishing it. The price of the book is $39.95 and there is a discount for members of the Raw Lifestyle Support Group. To order your copy, click here.

Feedback is always welcome.

As a party planner, I’m around all sorts of foods every day. And as an avid meat eater for the last 40 years, I had no idea that a vegetarian
(in fact “raw” menu) could be so tasty and satisfying. Now I know the secrets of Popeye and Superman! When I eat predominantly raw
green vegetables, I have so much energy that I can run, run, run!– Andrea Bestow, Events Manager, The J. Paul Getty TrustDorit’s recipes are delightful. She creates dishes that are heavenly and satisfies all the senses.
– David Y. Wong, M.D.Thank you, Dorit, for giving us menus that will not only satisfy our palates. but extend and enhance the quality of our lives…much love
and light.

– Marla Gibbs, Actress (The Jeffersons, 227)

Dorit is a wonderfully creative chef. The tasty and beautiful dishes she
creates are healthy for us as well as delicious.

– Cathie Lippman, MD

Your mother was right! You are what you eat! and you will feel satisfied and nourished by a healthy meal that is prepared with
mindfulness, love, and attention to nutritional balance. Dorit’s meals and her beautiful teachings
are both delightful and enlightening. Enjoy the blessings of this important book and pass them on.

– Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD

As a former meat-eater, once I made the switch to vegetarian, and now raw, gourmet cuisine, I feel that I am operating on a on a whole other level – With the support of people like Dorit, I am literally vibrating at a different frequency. Now I can have any ethnic cuisine I wish, without fear of the repercussions the next day, as Dorit’s culinary skills shine through with her amazing Thai and Indian raw vegan creations. In my hectic, stressful line of work, through her attention to nutrition at its highest level, Dorit has assisted me in functioning at a more relaxed, energetic level than I have ever achieved previously.

– Andy Dick, Actor (NewsRadio, Less Than Perfect)

Celebrating Our Raw Nature– A Guide for Transitioning to a Plant-based, Living Foods Diet.

Author- Dorit, Certified Vegan living Foods Chef/Chopra Centre Educator.

The intention of the author is to reach those who follow the mainstream culture of eating a “meat and potatoes” diet and who feel that excluding coffee and trips to the pizza parlour or the neighbourhood hotdog/hamburger stand is just not for them.

It is also for those who wish to make a change in their lives, on whatever level, but are hesitant to “jump into unknown waters” For those who follow or are beginning to adopt a plant-based. living foods diet, and need some assistance in creating scrumptious meals that are also high in nutrient value, this book is a precious resource. In addition to a very broad spectrum of very original, nutrient-packed, and mouth-watering recipes, there is lots of advice to stay motivated and to make changes that have immediate results.

For multiple orders of the book, please contact serenityspaces@yahoo.com in order to receive a bulk discount.

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