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Calif Fruit Festival

California Fruit Festival

Look at all the offerings we have been lining up for you!
This is going to be one rocking, fruity festival! Please spread the word!

The Onsite California Fruit Festival is being held in Los Angeles on SATURDAY 11th of June from 10am to 7pm

The online (Virtual) California Fruit Festival is being offered LIVE on Zoom from 10am to 7pm. on SATURDAY 11th of June ,
Join us on Facebook, Join us on Twitter, Join us on Tik Tok, Join us on Instagram, Join us on You Tube

CONTACT US via email to attend, be an exhibitor or to be part of the Sampling Station or the Fruit Swap
TICKETS are available on EventBrite and at the MOA Wellness Center

VENUE for the On-Site, In-Person  California Fruit Festival 
(10am to 7pm on Saturday 11th of June) 

MOA Wellness Center (A Japanese Wellness Centre),
Address: 4533 S Centinela Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Unrestricted Parking is available on the neighbourhood streets

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Toxic-Free Kitchen

Toxic-Free Kitchens

Toxic-Free Kitchen

Toxic-Free Kitchens

Detoxing also extends to the kitchen where we create toxic-free, living foods kitchens and teach how to grow & sprout greens and herbs right in the kitchen. Recipes for whatever is creating blockages to health & healing are offered as well as support on a linguistic level as this is often neglected in other modalities. The entire person is addressed and healing/recovery is the primary focus.
In addition we will renovate or build your toxic- free living foods kitchen from scratch.
Please contact for a consultation.
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Elegantly Raw Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Elegantly Raw Gift Certificate

Elegantly Raw Gift Certificates

Would you like to gift someone with a service from Elegantly Raw Doreet? Now you can purchase a Gift Certificate in one of several denominations!

$50 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$100 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$150 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$200 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$250 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$500 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

$1000 Gift Certificate + Sales Tax

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Jogger on Beach

Ultra Fitness workouts

Jogger on Beach

Ultra Fitness Workout

Fitness Training Customized for YOU!

Whether it is HIIT*, Step Aerobics, Your own body weight Calisthenics, Bodybuilding techniques, Pilates, Barre Workout, or Yoga Asanas, your workout will be customized to suit your lifestyle and your physical needs. *High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) focuses on Strength, Power, Endurance, or a combination of all three.

These workouts can be done one- on- one or with a group of your own choosing, We can do this at your space, in a public park, at the beach, or in a fitness, dance, or yoga studio, or even at a gym.
In addition to physical exercise, all other facets of fitness for life will be addressed. At Elegantly Raw Doreet our fitness and wellness offerings are comprehensive and so this includes the following:

Components of Ultra Fitness

*Price is Per Session: $125.00 (each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes)

10 Sessions bought in advance (must be used within 90 days from purchase) = $1,000
20 Sessions bought in advance (must be used within 120 days from purchase) = $1,700

*each session includes some or all the Ultra- Fitness components listed here on the wheel above

Session Options
Official NESTA Member
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